Client Testimonials

Brian & Clasina Newman (January 2018)

Michelle and Monique recently helped us sell our home of 28 years. We had interview 3 different agents from different companies, but Michelle impressed us with her very positive attitude, her willingness to meet our target dates and her very positive suggestions for selling our home. She helped us to set it up for sale, providing us with names of good, reliable contractors for power washing and some wallpaper removal. 

With Monique also on board, we received an offer after the first open house. Unfortunately, with pending changes to the mortgage rules, prospective buyers were overextending themselves and the first two offers collapsed due to funding. Each time, Michelle and Monique were able to provide good new offers within a few days and the third offer succeeded, at our asking price.

We had made an offer on a home in another region of BC and when it seemed that deal might not succeed due to the failing health of the seller, Michelle jumped into action to ensure the paperwork was completed before the deadline. 

Michelle and Monique made a great team and were very supportive throughout the process. We would be happy to work with them again and feel confident in recommending them to others.

Anonymous Client (January 2018)

We met Monique at an open house a few weeks before we decided to sell our house. She was warm, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, authentic and very professional. Her open house was reasonable priced, looked gorgeous and was sold in a very short time. We were so impressed that we called her up and asked for an evaluation for our home. She showed up the next day with a stack of info sheets including very detailed info of the recently sold and currently listed properties. Within a week, professional photos were taken of our home. Our house was listed online, and open houses were arranged for both Saturday and Sunday. 

After each and every open house, Monique sent us a very detailed email regarding how many groups had visited, how the visitors felt about our place, and the amount of interest. Her emails were very informative, full of high spirit and always provided positive energy. She was also very approachable. Whenever we send her an email; she replies right away. With her hard work, we were able to get an offer with a good price in just over a month, even with the interruption of the Christmas holidays. Monique spent the time explaining  every item on the contract very carefully, and made sure we understood the contract. Within a reasonable amount of time, the subjects were removed and we SOLD our place!

Thank you very much Monique for your warmth, enthusiasm, authenticity and professionalism! It was an absolute great pleasure to work with you and we highly recommend you to anyone who needs a realtor!

Christine McCutcheon (December 2017)

I've worked with Michelle Forsberg numerous times over several years and somehow- even though you wouldn't think it possible- she just keeps getting better and better! She's extremely professional, hands-on, and authentic. She has always worked to get me the best deal when buying, and top dollar when selling. 

After she helped me buy my newest home- a gorgeous condo (bought in pre-sale), we waited until the best time to list my property. This time, I worked with Monique as well and WOW do they make a great team! With all their preparation and presentation we received multiple offers after the first open house and it sold OVER-ASKING!

I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

Rob Ellis (October 2017)

Monique and Michelle Forsberg are fantastic to work with and come together to make a dynamic duo; Monique brings a fresh approach to realty while Michelle has an immense wealth of industry knowledge & experience in negotiations that can't be rivaled- once you see them at work you will be glad they're on your side. 

As a first time home buyer they took all the uncertainty out of the process, walked me through every step, and ensured I got the best deal on the best property possible for my budget. They are thorough, hard-working, experienced and personable. When I'm ready to move up the property ladder they will be my first and only call!

Caileigh & Brady Kirkby (September 2017)

It was lovely having Monique with us on our house hunting journey. As first time home buyers, we were nervous and excited about the whole process, and having Monique at the helm really put us at ease. After our first quick phone call she was able to put together an impressive list of condos and townhouses that had aspects pf what we were looking for. Her method of seeing as many places as possible on the first day was great because we were able to compare the listings while they were fresh in our minds instead of seeing a few here and a few there and having them all blend together.

Monique was very supportive throughout the whole process. She would wait for us to give our opinion on each place we saw before putting in her two cents, which was always spot on. She had a great sense for what it was about a unit that made it work or not work for us. Was the patio big enough for a BBQ? Would the second bedroom be a good space for our 8 month old son when he got older? How functional was the kitchen for food lovers like us? Monique instantly knew us and our personalities which made it feel like she was helping a friend, not just a client. 

When the first offer we put in didn't go through, Monique helped us stay positive and assured us that the perfect place was out there. We kept looking and seeing better and better places. When we did find the one, everything happened in less than 24 hours and even though it was a weekend, Monique worked hard to get paper work sorted, strata documents found, and took us for a follow up visit to the unit. Even in the weeks that followed, as the closing date approached, she would call to just check in and make sure we were feeling good about everything and that things were on track.

Buying a home was daunting, but I can't imagine how it would have been without a realtor, or even with a different realtor. Monique goes above and beyond for her clients, and we can't thank her enough for helping us find the perfect home for our family.

Josie & Mike LeBlanc (August 2017)

We met Monique at an open house. She was helping her uncle to show the house. Monique was very enthusiastic telling us about the house, and she even provided a list of breakdown on the monthly costs of owning a house. After seeing Monique's professionalism, we decided to ask her to help us writing an offer. She was well prepared when she showed up at our house. She answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Although our offer was not accepted, she continued to help us look for a house. Within two weeks, we bought a house, and she then sold our house within a week with multiple offers. We though selling the house would be the most stressful part of the process, but Monique was incredible and helped us though the process. We are very happy with the results. 

In short, Monique is very professional, approachable, personable, and knowledgeable. We are so thankful to have her as our realtor who always looks out for our best interests. Highly recommended!

Alan Valley (July 2017)

I was looking for a 2 bedroom condo for my family and met Monique in an Open House. 

She is very friendly, and treats you well. She keeps you updated with any properties that you might be interested in and always follows up with you. It made me feel like I had someone there looking just for me, and I didn't have to spend all of my time searching. On top of this, she gives advise and recommendation to guide you on deciding on the right property. 

The purchase with her was totally seamless- as if it was just one thing within your daily routine, like sitting in a coffee-shop and discussing regular stuff. She had brought my attention to all the points that should be clarified with the seller/ strata and she re-requested additional reports for the things that she found unclear in the strata docs- things that a normal person would've missed. 

Her professionalism, attention to detail, and caring approach was what made the difference. Overall, I've never felt insecure during this process. I felt like I was in safe hands- as if I'd been working with a family member who is helping me to buy a condo. 

I feel very lucky that I've met her.

Randy & Cynthia Klassen (July 2017)

Dear Monique & Michelle, 

Please accept our warmest thanks and appreciation for the quick and efficient sale of our condominium. You were the strongest choice among the realtors we interviewed and the only ones to initially meet us with research done. In that meeting you gave us options, listened to our input, showed a clear understanding of the situation and concisely spelled out your market-based rationale behind the sales plan we all agreed upon. Your followup through the various showings was timely and your plan- and our sale- came together as precisely as you'd predicted. simply put, it was impressive.

Thank you for the exceptional work you did on our behalf and for the energy and enthusiasm you put into the process. You made us feel like we were your singular focus- a significant achievement given your professional activity level. And finally, thank you for referring us to our next realtor in the new market we were considering as we had a wonderful result there as well. This type of teamwork adds so much to your overall strength in the industry. 

We now regard you as "our realtors" and have already begun to recommend you. We enjoyed working with you both and wish you continued success. 

Mandy Campbell ( July 2017)

I would like to formally, and highly recommend Monique Forsberg to be your next realtor. I am now a very happy homeowner and would not be without her expert assistance and guidance. Monique is not only knowledgeable, but she is highly passionate and persistent. She is not afraid to go above and beyond for her clients, which makes her excellent at what she does. 

If you are looking for a realtor you can trust that will go the extra mile for you, please look no further. 

Andrew Sorensen (April 2017)

We'd been thinking of moving for a while, but we were weary of the unknown process. I'd been a purchaser once before, but never a seller. Monique and Michelle sat down with us and first listened to make sure they understood our scenario before crafting a plan. 

Their knowledge of the current market, attention to detail, dedication, and strategic marketing enabled us to buy our dream home and sell our lovely condo in a process we can only describe as stress-free. They made it easy for us every step of the way. Their connections to mortgage brokers, lawyers and home inspectors made the process easy. They don't just know people- they know the RIGHT people. 

We really appreciated their guidance and are thrilled with the results. 

Julia and Carlos Guzman (April 2017):

Moving and living in another country where the language, culture and environment is different and trying to be a part of this new place is not an easy task. Now just imagine how impossible it is to even think about the small possibility of buying a place... for us it was a very far-off dream. 

After finding out we were not qualified to buy a year ago, we continued to visit open houses, searched for financial advice and saved for this dream. It wasn't until we looked into viewings in North Surrey where we met Monique and Michelle and everything changed. We feel so blessed to have found them- they cared for us and helped us every step of the way, connected us with the right professionals (mortgage broker, lawyers), and knew EXACTLY what we needed from the start.

We have now purchased a gorgeous new home, that is beyond all of our expectations and within our budget and specifications. We are ready to start a new life with our first baby on the way!

Monique Forsberg
Monique Forsberg