About Me and Michelle

I often get asked when I started in Real Estate and frankly, I was born into it.


I grew up with my Mom, Dad, and several other family members as REALTORs®, and I worked as an unlicensed assistant for my mom, Michelle Forsberg, every now and again when I was in high school. But it wasn’t until I’d completed my Bachelor of Commerce at McGill and spent some time travelling the world that I realized that it wasn’t something I was just born into, it was some I REALLY wanted to do.


I feel blessed to learn from someone as knowledgeable and experienced as my mom and partner, Michelle Forsberg, who has been in the industry for almost 40 years. I’m dedicated to my clients and am always thrilled when I can help the make that next, exciting step in their life.


Please don't hesitate to call us if you think we can be of some service. We're here to help YOU!

Monique Forsberg
Monique Forsberg

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